MICROBAZZAR, an ecommerce company started in the aim of supporting all micro level vendors and micro level products, as we believe to compete in the IT era, a proper and efficient e- platform for a business is very crucial to maximize the potential of a business. Microbazzar is no common ecommerce site just for shopping, here you can get micro level products from micro level vendors with unique quality and designs.

This platform is provided for all type of vendors to sell all type of products, we support each and every one equally. Through this platform we help innovators with the implementation of their new design, ideas or products. It’s easy for investors with huge amount of money in market to start up with franchise and chain of shops. Young talents are suppressed without money and platform to show case their innovations. Through this platform we are supporting talents hidden in every nook and corner.

We use this opportunity mainly for supporting the make in India concept. This platform mainly supports all small level vendors find an opportunity to show their skill and sell their product to the world. Here anybody can sell their products of any type. Dresses, any kind of readymade unique products, day-to-day necessary things or anything.

In next 5 years, Microbazzar aims to put 30 million innovative small vendors and small manufacturers on growth, thereby boosting GDP of the country, since MSME has been recognized as engine of growth all over the world.

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